Jupiter 2-in-1 Brooch & Pendant


This Jupiter design has both a pin and loop fixing, giving you the choice to wear it as a brooch or necklace. If you would like to receive a Paula Bolton chain, please select the option 'with chain'.

Handmade in sterling silver with gold plate accents, set with moonstone and citrine. This unique brooch is a miniature representation of the gas giant itself, complete with intricate swirls.

Our Jupiter planet jewellery pieces are perfect accessories for astronomy enthusiasts or those with an appreciation for the extraordinary.

Paula's Comments: "What a wonderful planet to inspire design. It is the largest planet in our solar system, with unique colours for any designer to copy. I was very pleased when an astronomer stopped in her tracks at a trade show and exclaimed Jupiter! It was recognisable even to an expert."

Diameter 4.2cm

Complete the jewellery set with our Jupiter earrings and bangle.