Hoffman Vienna Bangle

SKU: GPS9847

Sterling silver bangle with gold plate accents and set with Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone. Inspired by architect and designer Josef Hoffmann.

Paula's Comments: "In 2014, The Courtauld Gallery asked me to design some new jewellery pieces inspired by Josef Hoffmann for their exhibition and the Vienna Collection was born. Hoffmann was one of the founders of the Vienna Secession movement, and his original architectural and jewellery designs have since provided me with endless inspiration."

Diameter 6.5cm (at widest)
Bangle Width 3.2cm

To check the fit of this bangle, measure across the width of your wrist and compare this with the diameter of the bangle. As an open cuff bangle, the diameter can be adjusted slightly to fit your wrist by gently applying pressure to increase or decrease the size of the opening.

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